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Watch the video of the truck dangling on the mountain’s edge for 3 days

The driver and passenger managed to flee, and the automobile was eventually pulled to safety.

truck dangling

A video from China’s Shanxi area shows a large truck dangling for three days from a cliff’s brink, adding to the terror of most residents.

Driving on Shanxi’s steep highways is usually a dangerous thing to do, and even more risky after the truck was involved in an accident earlier this month. The truck’s cabin veered off the road, dangling on the edge of the road.

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As per the post from South China, the driver said the crash occurred while he was following directions on his navigation app and became stranded on the narrow route. The truck slipped off the clip when the driver attempted to reverse the vehicle to make it through the small route.

Watch the video here:

According to CGTN, the vehicle blocked traffic on a narrow route for 3 days. Multiple loaders and forklifts pull the vehicle back to let traffic continue on the patch.

Netizens expressed relief on social media that no one was wounded and that the poor driver did not lose his vehicle.

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