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Smog grips Lahore, forced rerouting of three flights to Islamabad

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st Nov, 2019. 11:22 am
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Smog grips Lahore

Air pollution in the shape of smog engulfed Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport results in diversion of three flights to Islamabad here on Thursday.

According to sources, flight number QR 628 from Doha to Lahore was diverted to Islamabad airport due to poor visibility caused by intense smog.

The flights from Damam and Urumqi were also diverted towards Islamabad from Lahore for the same reason.

Moreover, flight number PK 650 from Islamabad to Lahore was stopped from taking off, while flight number SV 735 from Jeddah to Lahore also facing delay due to visibility problem caused by smog.

The visibility range at the motorway from Lahore to Sheikhupura has reached to 100 metres as fog engulfed the area in the morning.

The thick blanket of hazardous smog force citizens to take precautionary measures, of the lowering minimum temperature, humidity and calm wind at night that is allowing the contributing pollutants, being generated mostly by Indian Punjab farmers by burning massive crop residue, to penetrate the bordering areas.

Lahore is facing worst environment emergency these days due to smog causing visibility problems and posing serious threat to public health.

Haziness, and nose and eye irritation was a clear indication of the beginning of the phenomenon which is pestering Lahore and other Punjab cities for the last four years, rightly being called the fifth season of smog.

It has deprived the people of sunshine and dusk-hour charm as layers of toxic smoke engulf horizon from November to February.

Health experts have advised people, especially children and the elderly, to remain indoors and take more liquids.

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