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Australia bushfires-People warned to leave Victoria

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

30th Dec, 2019. 11:56 am
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Tens of thousands of people were requested to leave Victoria as new fires in Victoria have emerged due to hot temperatures and strong winds.

Tourists were also cautioned to flee from the East Gippsland holiday region.

The strong wind had worsened the situation as it caused fanned the existing fires and led to the emergence of new fires across the south-east of the Australian state of Victoria.

Australia bushfire-State of emergency announced in Australia

Enormous bushfires in Australia have caused huge destruction

More than 100 blazes kept ragging across Australia.

People in the states of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania have been given warnings.

A great number of people have signed a petition to cancel fireworks at New Year’s Eve and spend the money on controlling the fire. The measure has been taken due to ongoing bushfires.

Bushfires in Bruthen, Bonang, and Buchan were predicted to grow as the temperature reaches 40C.

Apart from that, the Prince Highway has been closed as the fire began.

Victoria’s state emergency management commissioner Andrew Crisp urged the people living in the east of Bairnsdale near Melbourne should leave the area.

He said, “The state is dry and it is going to be very hot and windy. People, get out now. If you don’t, you have got to stay across the conditions and listen to the warnings during the day.”

It is forecasted that a strong wind change may drive towards the coast and may cut off the region’s main road.

The blazes are so strong that they make their own thunderstorms and weather, authorities have reported regarding the extreme fires activity.

In addition to these, fires emerging in the dry or drought-affected forest may lead to the destruction of homes and lives.

Above all, New Year’s Eve music festival, which was to be organized in the state, has been canceled, as organizers find it hazardous to host the event.









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