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Islamabad and Rawalpindi receives rainfall and hailstorm

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

21st Feb, 2020. 10:11 am
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Islamabad and Rawalpindi receives rainfall and hailstorm

Islamabad and Rawalpindi received rainfall and hailstorm today morning.

Rainfall and hailstorm have provided relief to the citizens from dust and allergies. But the situation has created problems in the Potohar region.

The twin cities received dense clouds and strong winds.

Weather in Karachi is predicted to be sunny whereas Punjab may receive light rain today.

Minimum temperature can exist between 17 to 19 Degrees Celsius in Karachi whereas the maximum temperature can remain from 33 to 35 Degrees Celsius.

Pakistan Meteorological Department predicts light rain in few parts of Punjab. However, the weather will remain mostly dry in several parts of the country.

A few areas have received snowfall. Areas including Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Islamabad, Kashmir, Upper Punjab, and Gilgit Baltistan received snowfall in the last 24 hours.

Rainfall recorded in the different areas (in mm) were Rawalpindi, Chaklala (32), Shamshadabad (26), Islamabad (29), Saidpur (16), Golra (3), Bokra (8).

Minimum temperatures recorded today morning were (in degrees Celsius) were Gupis (-5), Skardu (-4), Kalam, Astore (-2), and Para Chinar (-3).

UN Report says No country doing enough to protect children from climate change impact

A new report tabulated by United Nations has stated that No country is doing enough to protect children from the impact of climate change.

In a UN-backed report assessing the capacity of 180 countries to ensure that their youngsters can survive and thrive, the authors highlight numerous “immediate” threats to their health, environment and opportunities.

These include runaway greenhouse gas emissions, predatory advertising and deepening inequality in and among countries.

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