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Karachi receives heatwave today, temperature reaches 40 Degrees Celsius

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Apr, 2020. 06:20 pm
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Weather to remain dry today in most areas of Pakistan

Weather in Karachi turns extremely hot on Sunday (today), as sea breeze halted. The temperature recorded today in Karachi was 40 Degrees Celsius with heatwave.

Karachi received extreme hot and dry winds today. Pakistan Meteorological Department has declared a medium heatwave in the city. This heatwave is likely to prevail in Karachi till Monday.

According to the met department, the maximum temperature recorded can be 39-41 Degrees Celsius till Tuesday.

However, heatwaves can remain till Monday.

However, the weather will remain dry and warm in several areas of the country.

According to the met department, the average temperatures recorded in different areas ( in Degrees Celsius) were Islamabad (14), Lahore (23), Quetta (13), Gilgit (10), Peshawar (19), Murree (11), and Muzaffarabad (13).

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