Heatwave Environs Karachi From April 23 To 25: Met Dept.

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Apr, 2021. 06:10 pm
Heatwave Environs Karachi From April 23 To 25: Met Dept.

The Meteorological Department’s Heat Wave Center has forecast heatwave in Karachi and its environs from April 23 to 25.

According to a statement issued by the Meteorological Department, the weather in Karachi is likely to be extremely hot from Friday to Sunday and the temperature is likely to remain between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius.

The statement said that sea breezes will not blow during the day, however, the weather is likely to be slightly better in the evening while hot humid winds may blow during this time.

In addition, the weather in Karachi is likely to be slightly warmer today and tomorrow and the maximum temperature will be between 36 to 38 degrees centigrade.

This is the second heatwave this summer, with Sindh and Balochistan experiencing extreme heat last month and Karachi recording a temperature of 40.2 on March 31.

Karachi had its worst heatwave in 50 years in 2015, killing hundreds of people.

The heatwave, which began on June 19 that year, had been hot for five days in the city, killing 1,200 people and causing more than 40,000 heatstrokes.


According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, people living in urban areas are more likely to be affected by the heatwave as these urban areas become hot islands. In 2015, more than 65,000 people were treated at 50 rehabilitation centres in Karachi.

Citizens have been instructed not to go out of the house during this time and to avoid eating hot foods as well as to use water as much as possible before fasting.

In view of the extremely hot weather, health experts have advised the public to stay at the home, office and in cold places and said that travellers should take precautionary measures.

Health experts have also advised people to consume more water, including fresh and light foods, during extreme heat and heatwave.

What to do if affected by heatwave?

First, call an ambulance or take the victim to the hospital yourself (delay in medical aid can be fatal), move the patient to a shady place while waiting for the ambulance.

Lay the patient on the floor and place his feet on a high object (to increase blood flow to the heart).

If the patient’s clothes are tight, loosen them.

Put cold bandages on the patient’s body or spray cold water.

Turn the pedestal fan towards the patient, but if there is no electricity, blow the patient with anything.

Apart from this, keep a bottle of water with you when you go out of the house, even if it is not fasting, and use water immediately if you feel unwell, because fasting can be expiated, but life cannot come back.

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