Families of two British citizens were sentenced to death

Families of two British citizens were sentenced to death

Families of two British citizens were sentenced to death

Picture of British citizens in Jail

  • The family of two Britons sentenced to death for fighting Russian forces in Ukraine said they needed urgent medical and legal assistance.
  • Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner were arrested while fighting with Ukrainian troops and were convicted by a Russian court by proxy as mercenaries.
  • The UK government and Ukraine’s justice minister have said the decision violated the Geneva Conventions.

The family of two British citizens sentenced to death for fighting Russian forces in Ukraine said they needed urgent medical and legal assistance.

Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner were arrested while fighting with Ukrainian troops and were convicted by a Russian court by proxy as mercenaries. The UK government and Ukraine’s justice minister have said the decision violated the Geneva Conventions.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss will later speak with Ukraine’s foreign minister. Aslin, 28, of Newark, Nottinghamshire, and Finner, 48, of Bedfordshire, lived in Ukraine during the Russian occupation and were arrested in April while defending the besieged city of Mariupol.

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North Bedford MP Richard Fuller said he had spoken to Pinner’s mother and stepfather, who were “very worried”. He said Finner’s mother’s priorities were for her son and Aslin to have “access to good health care and the Red Cross” and independent legal advice, and “work to prepare a defense against this fraud,” he said. he. “The ruling is completely contrary to international law.”

“This is based on the perception of the Russian authorities and their representatives that Shawn and Aiden were members of the Ukrainian army and were prisoners of war and that the Geneva Conventions apply,” Fuller said. “It’s a humanitarian issue,” he said. This also applies to human rights under international law, “he added. British arrested in Ukraine, sentenced to death. Ukraine loses up to 200 soldiers a day – Zelensky’s adviser.

The “urgency” of the family in relation to the captured British image.
Downing Street said the government was “deeply concerned” about the punishments imposed on Aslin and Pinner, adding that prisoners of war were “escaped from fighting” under the Geneva Conventions and should not be used for political purposes.

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Truss said the decision was “a false decision without law” and that the government had “done everything possible” to support the man’s family. He will discuss the situation over the phone with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleva.

Baron Helena Kennedy, one of Britain’s leading lawyers, told the news channel that “Russia has committed war crimes by handing over both countries into the illegal hands of North Korea (Donetsk People’s Republic)”. He called the Donetsk court a “floating court” and added that the decision “means the retrial of two men convicted of war crimes in a Ukrainian court”.


Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry called the “trial” against the two British and Moroccans “poor” and said the Ukrainian government “will do its utmost to release all Ukrainian lawyers.” According to the family, Finner’s three-year contract with the Ukrainian Marine Corps is due to expire at the end of this year and he intends to play a humanitarian role in Ukraine.

Aslin died in 2018 as a Marine in the Ukrainian army. According to his family, he served in the 36th Marine Brigade before being captured.

Ukraine’s Attorney General Irina Benedictova said in a statement that “three men should not be persecuted because they were directly involved in hostilities” and that “this is to prevent them from participating in the conflict.” Prevention. “[The ruling] is nothing more than a mockery and violation of international humanitarian law and Russia’s international human rights obligations as the occupying power through its agent,” he said.

“Russia has once again shown that it is outside a rule-based system and openly ignores the rule of law,” he said. “Ukraine has launched a preliminary investigation into this matter and will take all necessary measures to ensure that all those involved in this illegal activity are held accountable for their actions.”

Another Russian news agency, Interfax, said the men could appeal.

In an interview with BBC Two Newsnight, Brennan Phillips, a former American soldier who worked with Aslin in Ukraine, discussed how he would react to the outcome of a trial with Russian forces still fighting in Ukraine. “Whatever impact they thought they had, I don’t think they would have been well received,” he said. Secretary Phillips said he believed the executions were a deliberate “challenge” to Russia and hoped they would not be carried out in the end.


“These public trials put the interests of propaganda before the rule of law and morality and undermine the prisoner exchange mechanism,” he said. Both have close ties to Ukraine and have been living in Ukraine since 2018. Aslin has dual citizenship with a Ukrainian husband, and Pinner is married to a Ukrainian citizen. A third man, Saudun Brahim, a Moroccan national, was convicted in court by a proxy from the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, a pro-Russian separatist region in eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported that all three were charged with mercenary, extortion and training in terrorist attacks. All the men’s lawyers said they wanted to appeal the verdict, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The couple has lived in Ukraine and served in the military for several years, but have two voters from relatives and family who have been campaigning since their arrest in the UK. Aslin’s Newark family member Robert Henrik said the sentence against the British people “completely violates the Geneva Conventions, allowing Russia to detain these kangaroo courts and now sentence them to death.” .

Henrik said he wanted to return the two to their families “by transporting prisoners.” But he added that Russia “is in no hurry to continue the exchange of prisoners of war.”

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