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Orangutan sets example of washing hands like a pro

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

05th Apr, 2020. 11:55 am
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In a time when every health expert and authorities around the world urging people to wash hands at regular intervals, amid the COVID 19 outbreak, may get you frustrated.

But you may change your attitude when you know it is so easy that even an ape can do it.

Don’t believe?  See this:

This is Sandra.

She is an orangutan at the Center for Great Apes in Florida.

What’s she doing in this video? She’s washing her hands, and, apparently, she does it repeatedly all day because she sees her zookeepers doing the same.

Enjoyed the video? Now you all must make sure that when an ape can easily do it,

Then this is a great reminder that setting an example can make huge difference!


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