Over 200 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs were installed by El Salvador for easy buying and sale

Syed AhadWeb Editor

20th Sep, 2021. 08:17 pm
El Salvador

El Salvador becomes the first state to accept bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender within its borders. It did so less than two weeks before, and so far, the BTC trial has been somewhat divisive, although not negative.

As per recent reports, The country does not appear to regret the decision and is as an alternate pushing the installment of new BTC ATMs, which presently count more than 200.

As per Coin ATM Radar, El Salvador is the 3rd state in the worlds based on the number of BTC ATMs, bested only by the US and Canada. With more than 200 of them fitted and fully working, the small country accounts for 0.7% of all cryptocurrency ATMs globally.

In pushing BTC acceptance bitcoin ATMs are another essential tool, just like the state’s digital wallet Chivo or 400 BTC-large funds that El Salvador bought in preparation for the announcement of Bitcoin as legal tender.

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