Srha Asghar details about her massive weight transformation

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Oct, 2020. 11:25 am
Srha Asghar weight loss

One of the most talented and new faces of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Srha Asghar is undoubtedly a charming personality.

From her cheery nature to her inspiring weight loss journey and her good acting skills- Srha is a complete package.

However, when the actress decided that she wanted to face the camera, she underwent a massive weight transformation.

Speaking about her weight loss journey, Srha in an interview said, “I always knew that I am fat but I really love myself. Now I am slim but I love the way I am. So, first of all, you should not have any complex in your life and you must not do anything until and unless you want to do it. I always wanted to be a model or some sort of star but in 2012 I gained a lot of weight. It’s in my family so if anything is in your genes you can’t change it but you have to struggle more.”

Revealing about her diet, the Pyaar Kay Sadqay actress said, “I tried to understand my body and realized that if you are burning more than you eat then you lose more weight. For instance, if I am eating 800 calories a day and burning 1,000 calories then within a week I can lose 1 kg. I controlled my diet and in the morning I worked out for an hour then I used to take black coffee and ate egg whites only. I used to take an apple in snack time and chicken with veggies in lunch then in dinner I used to take Tikka or something light.”

Srha further added, “So I tried this for one or two years and it really worked for me. It helped me more because in Ramadan you are fasting, dieting and working out. I don’t leave workout in Ramadan, I just switch my timing like before Sehri.”

Srha Asghar Before and After looks:

Srha Asghar

Srha Asghar

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