Zainab Jamil bids farewell to showbiz to learn more about Islam

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

07th Dec, 2020. 02:12 pm
Zainab Jamil quits showbiz

Pakistani actress Zainab Jamil has decided to leave the showbiz industry to learn more about Islam. She broke the news through her social media handle.

Taking to Instagram, Aap Ki Kaneez actress wrote,

“I proudly announce that I won’t be continuing my career as an actor and model.”

She went on to write,

“Allah has chosen me to become a student of Quran and Hadees and learn more about our deen Islam.”

Zainab later explained her decision and told her why she decided to quit the industry.

“For those who are really concerned and have been asking me why did I take this decision at once, I really respect your concern that’s the reason I am posting one [story],” wrote Zainab.

“I’m late I should have made this announcement a lot earlier but maybe I was not ready or I was in search of few answers actually now it’s been 3 years that I am studying Quran with Tafseer and I am not an easy student”, she continued.

Zainab highlighted that she was not satisfied with her choice of career.

“Thanks to my teachers for bearing with all my stupid questions and doubts which I had and bringing me to the point where I finally thought that I’m ready to take this very big step to announce that I am quitting the career which I thought I loved, whereas I did not because whenever I was on set working, I was not completely satisfied.”

“With all due respect to those who are working in this field, I am not hurting anyone’s feelings to work as an actor but we all are different so this is my different. And I really want to thank the producers and people whom I was in contract to work with and thank you all for understanding me and letting me drop the projects I signed,” she concluded.

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