Adnan Siddiqui Receives First Jab Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Apr, 2021. 10:58 pm
Adnan Siddiqui

Renowned Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui has recieved the first jab of the coronavirus vaccine on Sunday, however, the MOM actor shared the news today (Monday) on his Instagram account.

The Mere Pass Tum Ho actor shared his experience on Instagram and shared a video while getting the vaccine.

He wrote,

“Finally got the jab yesterday. It’s a huge relief. Honestly, I was a bit jittery in the beginning. Because of the needle, of course! No matter how young or old are you, this is one thing that petrifies you every time.”

Siddiqui went on to write,

“I have been asked multiple questions before and after my vaccination by family and friends worried about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Yes, I also read those sporadic reports of after effects of the vaccine, which have made people wary. I had my share of doubts too. Then I consulted my friend, Dr. Junaid Ali Shah, who assured me that my fears were unfounded and gave a go ahead. And by Allah’s grace, I am feeling perfectly fine.”

He concluded by writing,

“The onus to combat the pandemic is on us. Those who are sceptical of whether to go ahead with the vaccine or not, as someone who’s got inoculated recently, my vote is with the vaccination. Yet, please consult your personal doctor, specially those who are on medication or are immuno compromised.”


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