Hajra Yamin pens down a poem which empowers women

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

06th Apr, 2021. 04:52 pm
Hajra Yamin poem

Pakistani actress Hajra Yamin has shared a beautiful poem written for women on her social media account which has gone viral.

The actress, who has worked hard in playing serious roles through her lively performances, has shared two beautiful photos of herself on Instagram in which she is seen smiling with flowers in her beautiful curly hair.


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The poem, written by Hajra Yamin, portrays women as strong and dignified personalities which is as follows:

She’s real. She’s deep.
She’s logical and mystical.
She believes in kindness and oneness and romance and magic.
She’s sensitive and distant, a warrior, a lover.
She believes in road trips to the stars and dancing with the universe.
She’s fearless and gentle, wondrous and brave.
She lives in waterfalls and forests and sunsets and galaxies.
She’s the artist, the thinker, the poem, and the dream.
She is beautiful but her looks never stand a chance compared to how breathtaking her soul is.
She’s Me.
She’s You.

The poem and photos shared by Hajra are getting a lot of likes and appreciative comments from her fans and followers.

Hajra Yamin’s beauty and her poem are being praised by fans.

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