Malaysia’s Umar And Hana Will Soon Land In Pakistan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Apr, 2021. 10:38 pm
Malaysia's Umar And Hana Will Soon Land In Pakistan

Nowadays, entertainment content on streaming portals like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus is just a click away and they can easily watch the programs of their choice.

Similarly, when it comes to children’s programs, there are children’s cartoons and poems on YouTube and other sites, but at the local level, there is a lack of programs in Pakistan to teach children religious values.

The Malaysian animated series ‘Omar and Hana’ is a great example of a children’s educational series that is loved all over the world.

The series is a Malaysian production produced by Fadila A. Rahmana and directed by Ainina.

The show was first aired on YouTube in 2017 and is a fast-growing animated series with 4.4 million YouTube channel subscribers and a total of 1.8 billion views.

The story of the animated series revolves around Omar and Hanna who are very loving siblings.

In this series, children are taught Islamic, moral and family values ​​by their parents, teachers, friends, neighbours and sometimes world-famous Muslim personalities as well as sometimes through magical adventures and adventures.

Now with the collaboration of dot republic media and digital distances, the series is being released in Urdu for Pakistani fans.

The series will be translated into Urdu and aired on YouTube channel Omar & Hana Urdu from April 6.

An Urdu teaser of ‘Omar and Hana’ has also been released in which it can be seen that they are on the plane and Omar can be seen saying that ‘we are going on a tour of amazing places.

In this teaser, Omar and Hana are shown going to Minar Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque and Taj Mahal in Agra, India.




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