Oscars 2021: Thomas Vinterberg Remembered his late Daughter In his Speech

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26th Apr, 2021. 11:05 am
Thomas Vinterberg Remembered his late Daughter

Oscars 2021: in the 93rd Academy Award Thomas Vinterberg wins the best international academy award. While receiving the award Thomas remembered his late daughter and get emotional.

Thomas Vinterberg speech was for his daughter, Ida, who passes away in a car accident in 2019. During his speech, Thomas was trying to hold his tears and sadness. Danish film director  Thomas dedicated this Award to his late daughter.

Vinterberg, 51, stated in his speech that:

“Four days into shooting, the impossible happened,” Vinterberg said during his acceptance speech. “An accident on a highway took my daughter away, someone looking into a cell phone. And we miss her and I love her.”

He added, “Two months before it, we shot this movie, and two months before she died, she was in Africa,” he said. “She wrote me a letter, she had just read the script and she was glowing with excitement. She loved this, she felt seen by this, she was supposed to be in this.”

“If anyone dares to believe she’s here with us now, you’d be able to see her clapping and cheering with us,” he continued. “We ended up making this movie for her as her monument.”

He added, “So, Ida, this is a miracle that just happened, and you’re a part of this miracle. Maybe you’ve been pulling some strings somewhere, but this one’s for you.”

“We were very close. She always told me the honest truth,” he said at the time. “It did not make sense to continue, but it did not make sense not to continue. She would’ve hated that. So we decided to make the movie for her. That was the only way we could do this.”

“All my friends carried me through. I guess that radiates on the screen,” he said. “We felt that it was very important to make a life-affirming film.”

Thomas Vinterberg Oscar 2021 daughter Ida

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