Zoya Nasir comes forward in support of Saba Qamar

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

07th Apr, 2021. 01:40 pm
Zoya Nasir

Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir came out in support of actress Saba Qamar after she faced backlash and criticism for wearing a revealing outfit.

Saba Qamar was criticized for wearing an inappropriate blue dress at her birthday party. She is being trolled on social media for wearing a short dress. Seeing this situation, fellow actress Zoya Nasir has come out in support of her.

Speaking on the double standards of people in her Instagram story, Zoya Nasir said, “These are the same men (and women) who, if run into saba qamar, would shamelessly beg for a selfie with her and would take pride in showing it to their peers that they had the HONOUR of meeting her.”

The photo from the actress’ birthday party was brilliantly edited by the users on social media, and the meme is being shared with mass audiences at large.

Someone put their photoshop skills to use to cover the actress with tights and a scarf of the same colour as her outfit.

Saba Qamar seems to be enjoying the memes and the comments made on it.

“Hilarious,” she wrote as she shared the edited photo to her Instagram story.

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