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Nausheen Shah Is Fed Up With Mothers Forcing Daughters To Get Married

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd May, 2021. 07:46 pm
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Nausheen Shah

Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah is fed up with all the mothers who force their single daughters to get married ASAP!

She expressed her frustration via Insta Story as she wrote,

“This happened only in this country if you are not married your mother will remind you every day.”

She went on to say,

“Shaadi kerlo shaadi kerlo nahi kerne shaadi bhaai jaan choro”

In another post, the Rehaai actress also highlighted how women force married women to have children.

“And If you’re married and childless everyone would rub it in your face every single day.”

She went on to write,

“Bachay karlo Bachay karlo, nahi karnay bhai maaf kardi jaan choro.”

Earlier, Nausheen Shah was in the headlines for being the “uninvited” guest at Yasir Hussain’s wedding.

Leading Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah had earlier said that she is sorry for Yasir because there are definitely some serious mental problems with him. She additionally said, “I am also sorry for Iqra that she is his partner. Disappointed with Yasir’s words, I expect him to apologize.”

Talking to the media, Nausheen Shah said, ” I don’t even go to anyone’s house, how can I go to a wedding if I am not invited? The fool is known by his speech and the wise man by his silence. Yasir himself called me and invited me to the wedding.”

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