Actress Alizeh Shah is often criticized for pushing boundaries, here’s why

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

16th Aug, 2021. 03:24 pm
Alizeh Shah

Actress Alizeh Shah is often chastised for pushing boundaries and appearing on the internet with a carefree, rebellious demeanor.

The majority of the trolling directed at the 21-year-old revolves around her wardrobe choices, but the actress has recently posted something on her Instagram account that is in stark contrast to her usual attire and has received a barrage of harsh comments.

Miss Shah has shared photos of herself wearing a chador, however, the filter/effects she used on the photos are causing controversy among netizens.


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While the photographs are black and white, Alizeh’s face appears to be EXTREMELY’shiny,’ and the overall atmosphere of the images may not be ‘striking.’

Many social media users are baffled as to why Alizeh Shah shared such a “scary” photo on her account; however, some speculate that Alizeh has gone bald, which is why she chose to cover her head.

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