‘Doob maray’: Feroze Khan lashes out at mob involved in ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ incident

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19th Aug, 2021. 10:49 pm
Feroze Khan

Famous actor Feroze Khan has lashed out at the mob involved in the Minar-e-Pakistan incident where a tiktoker named Ayesha Akram was groped, harassed and molested. Feroze bashed them for not protecting the girl while she was being assaulted.

Feroze Khan took to Instagram, and wrote penned: “Jis jis ko sharam aye jo wahan mojud tha wo doob maray!

Minar e Pakistan Incident


Several Pakistani showbiz celebrities called out the heinous and animalistic incident at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. After a huge crowd of around 300 to 400 men assaulted a female TikToker on Independence Day.

The Incident: What happened to Tiktok Star Ayesha Akram?

Tiktok star Ayesha Akram was filming videos for her Tiktok account with her group of friends at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day when this incident took place and the girl was sexually harassed, groped and stripped by 300-400 men, who went as far as to tear her clothes while passing her around between each other.

These men attacked the Ayesha along with her friends at Minar-e-Pakistan even though the group tried to escape but failed because of the crowd being too large.

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