Angelina alleges Brad Pitt of abusing celebrity status for special treatment

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

22nd Sep, 2021. 02:28 pm
Brad And Jolie

American actress Angelina Jolie has accused her ex-husband Brad Pitt of attempting to take advantage of his famous status in court.

Pitt’s counsel has filed a motion to appeal a decision to disqualify the judge who was previously handling the ex-custody couple’s battle.

“This sort of gamesmanship, a last-ditch effort by a celebrity petitioner demanding special treatment, is not what this Court’s limited review resources are for,” Jolie’s legal team argued in court papers cited by Page Six.

“There is nothing to see or review here. There is no issue meeting this Court’s rigorous standards for, or worthy of, review,” they added.

In June, Jolie and Pitt were granted joint custody of their children.

Only a month later, Jolie scored a big victory when her legal team persuaded a California appeals court that the case’s judge, John Ouderkirk, should be dismissed because Pitt’s lawyers failed to disclose previous ties with him.

Pitt’s team has already filed an appeal to overturn the verdict. However, Jolie’s filing stated that Ouderkirk’s dismissal was made unanimously.

The complaint argued, “There is no serious question that a privately funded judge who has secured a favorable recurrent customer relationship with one litigant’s counsel without full disclosure must be disqualified.”


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