Aik Hai Nigar

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18th Oct, 2021. 04:20 pm

Mahira Khan and Lt Gen Nigar Johar. Photo: Files

Prompted as a biopic for the first woman in the history of the Pakistan Army to reach the rank of lieutenant-general, this new tele-film brought by ARY Digital will portray the life of Lieutenant General Nigar Johar Khan and pay tribute to her life that brought about her immense success.

Written by Umera Ahmed and Directed by Adnan Sarwar, this biographical film is expected to air on October 23rd of this year. The film features the illustrious Mahira Khan as its lead who takes on the portrayal of Lt. Nigar Johar.

As the trailer for this widely anticipated telefilm was unveiled, the preview garnered hundreds of thousands of views in a single day amassing positive reviews by the general public. Khan seems to tackle her character head on, incorporating the strong willed and dedicated qualities of Lt. Nigar Johar, including her mannerisms and voice to a close comparison. “Honoured to be able to play a woman I admire so much, Pakistan Army’s first female three-star General”, Mahira expressed on her Instagram. Bilal Ashraf stars alongside Mahira playing the role of Johar Ali Khan, the husband of Lt. Nigar Johar. Whereas an emerging talent Khushhal Khan is playing Shahid, brother of Lt. Nigar.

Safe to say, this film serves as a step in the right direction for the Pakistani Media Industry especially in today’s time of promoting social awareness and a need for strong female role models to be represented in mass media. The Telefilm will surely be a motivation to a whole generation of women in Pakistan to pursue academic and professional excellence in a work force that had been previously dominated by men. It will also serve as an incredible tribute to the woman, the legend, and the remarkably inspiring life story of Nigar Johar Khan.

“What a life, what a story… to know her, is to know one of the greatest we have amongst us,” Mahira further stated on her social media.