Cardi B has a succinct response to ‘YOU’ star Penn Badgley’s appreciative remarks

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26th Oct, 2021. 03:11 pm
Penn Badgley Cardi B

‘YOU’ famed actor Penn Badgley aka Joe Goldberg won the heart of American rapper Cardi B after he praised her relationship with her fans in a viral clip surfacing online. 

While chatting about how his character Joe revealed the unsettling nature of social media, Penn Badgley commended those who can use it as a tool because they have genuine relationships with their audiences.

“You see me, when I try to do something on social media it’s pathetic. I think about it too much, therefore when I do use it actually lacks that authenticity… that fluidity,” said Badgley.

“So I really appreciate people who have this sort of, totally second-nature relationship with [social media] because that’s when you have something meaningful to post then it really comes true and people appreciate it all the more.”

“Cardi B is such a perfect example of that,” the You star added further. “She has such an authentic relationship and to me, it’s an incredibly nuanced place to be… and that’s why people like her so much.”

In response, Cardi B was left in awe as Penn turned out to be her fan. “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!!” Cardi B tweeted with eight shock emojis. “OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m famous famous,” she wrote via her Twitter. 

“I–” Penn Badgley said in response.

YOU has become the blockbuster Netflix series based on Caroline Kepnes’ best-selling novel of the same name, “What would you do for love?”

When a brilliant bookstore manager intersects paths with an aspiring writer, his answer becomes clear: anything. Using the internet and social media as his tools to gather the most intimate of details and get close to her, a charming and awkward crush quickly becomes an obsession as he quietly and strategically removes every obstacle – and person – in his way.

The other cast members consist of Saffron Burrows as Dottie Quinn, Tati Gabrielle as Marianne, Dylan Arnold as Theo, Shalita Grant as Sherry, Travis Van Winkle as Cary, Scott Speedman as Matthew, Michaela McManus as Natalie, Shannon Chan-Kent as Kiki, Ben Menhl as Dante, Chris O’Shea as Andrew and Christopher Sean as Brandon.

The second season of ‘YOU’ was ranked at No. 5 on Netflix’s top ten list of its most popular series in 2019, just days after its release.

However, the third season, which was released on October 15, is rated as the best among all.

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