Minimal skincare that everyone needs

Minimal skincare that everyone needs


These skincare items help you build a no brainer routine to achieve healthy skin

Minimal skincare that everyone needs

To have the most stunning glow up ever, skincare tops the checklist. Your confidence gets a boost, your makeup looks perfect every time, and how can we forget about feeling 100% fantastic in your skin!

With the skincare industry constantly bringing us new and improved formulas and varying types of skincare products, it could get overwhelming for those just starting out with skincare. How much is too much? How much is necessary? Today, we are unravelling all these details!

Not by influencers or Tiktok stars, but according to dermatologists, the must-have skincare items are cleansers, moisturisers (yes, even for oily skin!), and finally, sunblocks! These three products are essential when it comes to skincare, keeping your skin regimen minimal, doable, affordable and super easy to follow!

  1. Cleansers
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They are ideal for removing skincare and makeup products from your face. Any dirt and pollution that gets embedded on your skin need to be washed off that water alone can’t do. Soap bars are a type of cleanser! Oil-based, water-based, cream-based, foam and no foaming are all the many cleanser types you could opt for!

They are all designed to suit different skin types and have active ingredients that help you more according to your skin type and condition. However, we are mainly focusing on the benefits of using a cleanser altogether.

Using cleansers once to twice a day can considerably help your skin in so many ways including:

  • Getting a smoother texture
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  • Softening your skin
  • Providing you with a glowing finish
  • Getting rid of dead skin
  • Making you look youthful
  • Allowing other skincare products to penetrate into your skin better!

Cleanser truly helps get your skin many steps closer to excellence, so don’t skip on this at all!


  1. Moisturisers

They play an extremely important role in how our skin looks and feels. Your skin feels softer, smoother and suppler after applying a moisturiser. It doesn’t feel overly oily nor does it feel too stretched, flaky or dry. Of course, it is essential for dry skin but moisturising oily skin is equally important.


Having oily skin and questioning the need for a moisturiser is way more common than you’d think. Moisturisers don’t add water to your skin, instead, they add the ability for your skin to retain moisture! The key ingredients found in moisturisers that help all skin types are called humectants and emollients.

Humectants draw water into the skin whereas emollients develop a protective film on the skin to keep the moisture in!

Sounds interesting, but still, why add moisture and retain water in oily skin? As you keep your skin’s moisture level balanced, your skin produces less oil! To keep the greasy feeling away, reach for a gel-based moisturiser and get your skin smoother and balanced more than ever!

Key reasons to moisturise all skin types:

  • Relieves skin problems
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  • Helps reduce oiliness
  • Takes away ashy, flaky and extremely dry skin
  • Keeps one’s skin looking smooth and fresh
  • Gives you the perfect finish before makeup!

So, never skip having this item in your skincare routine regardless of what your skin type is!



  1. Sunblock is our topmost essential. If you truly want to make your skin good, care for it well and check all the glow up boxes properly, you cannot miss out on sunblock.

Why do we need it though? The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is extremely damaging for our skin. There are two types of these rays, UVA and UVB.

Each of these rays is responsible for ageing and burning our skin and worse, even causing skin cancer! Using a broad-spectrum sunblock is what you need to stay protected from both these rays.


Using a sunblock every day, in the morning and continuing to apply it as you stay exposed to direct sunlight is the proper way of protecting your skin from these harmful rays.

You need to apply sunblock regardless of the weather and the season. When there’s sun outside, you need sunblock. Apply it 30 minutes before heading outside. You should at least pick up a sunscreen with an SPF of 30, that is the minimum you need to stay protected completely.

Lastly, no matter how expensive the sunblock is, it’s useless unless you use the correct quantity. Don’t forget lips, eyes and neck when applying sunblock although you need roughly 2 milligrams per square centimetre of your target skin area. To simplify it, for your face and neck, fill your index and middle finger with the sunblock, that’s the quantity you need!



It is ideal for everyone, regardless of gender or age, to have these three skincare products. These provide your skin just the bare minimum that it needs. Acne treatments, serums, eye creams etc. all can be further added to this routine if needed or desired. Patch testing for all skincare products is advised.




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