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Why cholesterol, eggs essential for human health?

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

18th Dec, 2019. 04:26 pm
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cholesterol in eggs

Cholesterol is essential for good health as it is an important structural component of cell walls.

Our liver can produce all of the cholesterol that we need, but we also consume it in animal products.

As cholesterol circulates the body, it can cause problems.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

It is the accumulation of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Atherosclerosis increases Trusted Source the risk of stroke, heart attack, and peripheral artery disease.

As eggs are high in cholesterol, scientists have raised concerns that they might lead to elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.if a person eats them in excess.

Scientists have carried out many studies over more than 50 years.

To date, however, the findings have fallen short of conclusive.

Some experts are concerned that industry funded research is muddying the waters and skewing results.

Overall, more than 85% of the studies reported that eggs increased blood cholesterol.

However, the findings showed that the authors of industry funded papers were more likely to downplay the significance of these results.

In fact, 49% of industry funded papers reported conclusions that did not match their results, compared with 13% of the papers that had not received industry funding.

As an example, the researchers asked college students to eat two eggs with breakfast for 5 days each week for 14 weeks.

At the end of the study, the participants’ average LDL had increased by 15 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl).

LDL should be under 100 mg/dl for a healthy adult. So, an increase from 100 mg/dl to 115 mg/dl is a 15% rise in LDL cholesterol.

In other words, there was more than a 5% chance that the increase could have occurred by chance.

As a result, the authors of the study concluded that an “additional 400 mg/day of dietary cholesterol did not negatively impact blood lipids.”

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