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New Study finds link between Smoking and Depression

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

10th Jan, 2020. 11:05 am
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Smoking and Coronavirus

New study has found links between Smoking and Depression, giving an alarming situation to smokers to quit it before something bad happens.

We all know the bad impact of Smoking on physical health, but the new study  suggest that habit also affect our mental and emotional well-being.

The new study now appears in the journal PLOS ONE.

Researchers explain that there are clues in existing research that point to smoking as a predisposing factor to depression.

They believe that smoking may lead to depression, not vice versa.

They said people who had never smoked generally have a better health-related quality of life (HRQoL), as well as less anxiety and depression.


The new study included data from two cross-sectional studies that gathered information from two universities:

the University of Belgrade and the University of Pristina. The former has around 90,000 students, and the latter has around 8,000.

Of this total, the researchers enrolled 2,138 students in their study.

The students took part in regular health checkups between April and June 2009 at the University of Belgrade,

And between April and June 2015 at the University of Pristina.

The participants provided information about their social and economic backgrounds

Such as their age, social status, place of birth, and parents’ education

As well as information on any preexisting chronic conditions.

They also provided information about their habits and lifestyle, such as smoking status, alcohol use, exercise levels, and eating habits.

The researchers classed people who smoked at least one cigarette per day or 100 cigarettes in a lifetime as smokers

Tobacco negatively impacted mental health

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