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Smoking: Try these effective ways to put an end to those cigarette packs

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

22nd Dec, 2020. 09:57 pm
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Smoking quitting tips

Smoking, one of the serious addictions and is quite hard to quit this habit for some people. It can cause serious health issues like cancer, bronchitis and other chronic diseases.

Smoking is ingrained into our daily lives, one smoke every morning with a cup of coffee has become a daily ritual. For some people is a stress buster, way of coping with depression and boredom. But, quitting it can improve your life and health as well.

Here are few tips to put an end to those cigarette packs:

1. Start by reducing the number

No one can quit it at once, it is a gradual process and takes time. Start by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and your body will automatically get accustomed to that number.

2. Discard cigarette boxes from your house

Try to avoid those disastrous cigarette packs from your house, car, and workplace. Make sure they are not in your reach and discard the empty boxes or packets that will remind you of smoking during free time.

3. Don’t buy new packets

To quit smoking efficiently, you have to stop buying the packets. Instead, buy loose cigarettes and when you run out of them, you won’t have the urge to smoke again. Also, stay away from being around people who smoke or request to avoid smoking around you.

4. Tell your friends, family about your plans to quit smoking

Don’t shy away from asking your friends and family for help. Avoid smoke breaks and inform your co-workers about the same and seek help. This way your friends can constantly remind you and help you.

5. Find your reason

Find some sort of a powerful reason to state why you are planning to quit smoking and stick around. The reason must be strong so that you do not deviate easily.

6. Go for an alternate

Substitute your addiction with something else. Start by replacing your cigarettes with chewing gum or fruit or maybe even a cup of tea or anything that works for you.

7. Distraction may help you

Delay your cravings as much as possible. Distract yourself when you feel the cravings and avoid giving in to your cravings and lighting up a smoke.

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