Indian Army waging war against its own people: Arundhati Roy

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

27th Aug, 2019. 01:58 pm
Arundhati Roy slammed for comments against India, Indian Army

The Indian author and activist, Arundhati Roy, is once again in the eye of a storm as one of her videos, in which she is seen flaying India and its Army, has gone viral on social media.

“Since 1947, the Indian state has waged wars against its own people in states such as Manipur, Nagaland, Kashmir, Punjab, Goa and Mizoram. All these states were targeted because their population is either Muslim, Christian, Sikh or tribal,” she is heard as saying in the video, which seems to have been recorded earlier.

A recent tweet by Tarak Fateh said, the Pakistan-born Canadian journalist.

He wrote, “[She said] Pakistan has never deployed its military against its own people. Was she blind and deaf when 3M [million] died in the Bangladesh genocide by Pakistan Army in 1971? Is she unaware of #Baluchistan? She’s literally reading off a Pakistan ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan] briefing note.’’

Many Indians agreed with Fatah’s views and strongly condemned Arundhati’s comments.

In the video, Arundhati, also goes on to say that “Pakistan has never waged a war against its own people like the way India has.”

A few Pakistanis also disagreed with Roy’s comments and appreciated those who have “no double standards” when assessing the state they belong to.

Pakistani lawyer and writer, Ayesha Ijaz Khan, tweeted: “I respect Arundhati Roy immensely for mincing no words in her criticism of the Indian state and its human rights violations. And I also respect Pakistani voices who are critical of human rights violations carried out by the Pakistani state. I don’t have double standards.”

Arundhati’s comments were roundly slammed on Twitter as readers pointed her ignorance of matters such as the atrocities committed by Pakistan on the Bengali people and the alarming situation that still persists in Baluchistan.

Arundhati Roy has long been seen as a controversial figure in India for voicing sensitive political views.

She has long maintained the opinion that Kashmir needs to be separated from India.

Also, according to a report, in 2013 she described Narendra Modi’s nomination as the Indian prime minister a “tragedy”.


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