Is Donald Trump dying? Netizens searching for The Simpsons’ prophecy

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Oct, 2020. 09:53 am
Trump The Simpsons

United States President Donald Trump was admitted to hospital after contracting Coronavirus a month before the election.

Trump was given an experimental COVID-19 treatment along with his wife Melania Trump.

Ever since this news, people are searching for predictions The Simpsons made about the president.

“The Simpsons” known as the most popular animated TV shows in the world.

The show has predicted many major life events, including Trump’s rise to power and 9/11.

The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump would be America’s president in an episode in 2000.

Many social media users were wondering whether the animated show had predicted Trump’s death.

Social media remained inundated with images of Trump’s character from the show lying in a coffin.

However, many tweets claimed that Trump’s death predicted on the show.

Fans who claimed to have watched more than 700 hundreds episodes of the show rejected the claims regarding the death of Trump’s character.

They said they have not seen or heard about any episode where Donald Trump died and that’s because no such episode existed.

Social media debate on Donald Trump’s death

Earlier, Rapper Snoop Dogg has asked for prayers for the US President. However, he is one of the biggest opponents of Trump.

According to the details, the rapper often shares mocking and insulting posts about the Republican leader on his social media accounts.

However, this time, Snoop sent prayers for Trump and his wife through his Instagram post. The rapper surprised his fans as they never saw him saying or doing anything positive for him.

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