China to build new COVID-proof ‘smart’ city

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Sep, 2020. 09:10 pm
China to build new COVID-proof 'smart' city

China is building a new ‘smart’ city that is COVID-proof as well as designed to prevent any future Pandemics.

The apartment blocks in the city of Xiong’an, to be built outside Beijing, will be such that residents will be able to continue their activities even during the lockdown.

Each flat will have a large balcony that will provide outdoor access and the office areas will be large enough to maintain social distance.

Vegetable orchards, greenhouses and rooftop solar-powered appliances will be able to meet the needs of households even in the event of a power outage and power outage.

In the past, Pandemics have had an impact on city construction, such as the cholera epidemic that spread after 1800 due to contaminated water, followed by work on modern water supply systems in American cities.

The new Chinese city is the brainchild of Barcelona-based company Goal Art Architect, which claims that the area will be the beginning of a new style of urban design after the Code, where residents will not be bothered by lockdowns.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is also in favour of building the new city to ease pressure on Beijing and allow residents to enjoy high-speed rail links and 5G broadband.

The epidemic-safe city is being built with the idea of ​​resuming normal life during an epidemic.

In addition to the flats for the residents, each building will have offices, shops, a children’s school, a swimming pool and a fire station. In case of emergency, it will be possible to grow vegetables in the gardens and there will be space for cultivation on the roof.

Greenhouses will be provided with LED lighting and hydroponic heating facilities to make medicines from herbal gardens.

3D printers will be able to produce defective items in emergencies.

Vehicles will be allowed in certain areas of the city, while pedestrians and bicycles will be allowed on most streets, but public transport and electric taxis will reduce the need for private vehicles.

Drones will be used for home deliveries while lockdown and other medical information alerts will be provided to residents through an app.

The idea for the city’s design came at a time when Goal Art Architects employees were facing a lockdown in Spain.

According to Vincent Gaul Art, we wanted something that would be important in the future. We will be better prepared for future crises.

The city will spend 500 500 billion to build in the coming years, and the Chinese president expects most of the industry to be equipped with the latest technology and to compete with California’s Silicon Valley in the future.

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