PM addresses Austrian World Summit

Tuba AtharWeb Editor

18th Sep, 2020. 12:42 am

Prime Minister Imran Khan has addressed the Austrian World Summit.

“20 years ago those who talk about climate change were ridiculed,” said Imran Khan, adding that today the world is seeing climate change and challenges related to it.  He said that the world temperature is rising and the polar ice is melting, adding that the effects of rising temperatures in Europe are evident.

Talking about the recent forest fire in Australia, the PM said that the forests in Australia are on fire because of the rising temperature. According to the PM, if the world did not take notice of this the future generations will be in grave danger.

He said that Pakistan realized it a decade ago that life-giving glaciers to the rivers are melting very fast.

Talking about the Billion Tree Tsunami campaign, khan said that when his party first came to power in the Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa province, they set a target of planting 1 billion trees in the province.

“We have achieved the target of planting 1 billion trees,” he said. He further said when his party came to power in the federal government, they planned to install 10 billion trees.

He said he feels that the world should move forward and fight climate change together.

The leading global forum against climate change was organized by Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.



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