Windows 10’s Microsoft Store app is getting a Sun Valley redesign and relaxed polices for developers

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24th Apr, 2021. 12:13 am
Windows 10's Microsoft Store app is getting a Sun Valley redesign and relaxed polices for developers

With its range of iPhone, and iPad, the Apple Store app is the first stop for users to download the new app; the Android Play Store is equivalent to Google. But when it comes to Windows 10, a lot of people shy away from the Microsoft Store app in favor of simply downloading apps from developer sites.

But Microsoft would like to see that change, and the company is reportedly planning an overhaul of its store app. In addition to the visual update, the Microsoft Store should be more developer-friendly with simplified policies, including the ability to submit unpacked and uncompressed .exe and .msi applications.

 According to Windows Central – citing “sources familiar with the subject” – the Microsoft Store is in line to receive a “modern and smooth UI modernization.” But while the aesthetics of the application will be the most visible change, Microsoft intends to introduce more radical changes behind the scenes in an effort to increase the number and variety of applications that appear in the store and increase the number of users.

One of the biggest planned changes is to allow developers to submit unpackaged Win32 applications to the Windows Store without having to make any code changes.

This makes life easier for developers from the very beginning, but also later on. Currently, app updates and in-app purchases need to be managed through the Microsoft Store, but this won’t be the case with the updated app. Developers will be able to use their own content delivery networks (CDs) to host and distribute applications and related updates.

By empowering developers to use third-party commercial platforms in their application, Microsoft hopes to brighten the store ecosystem and spark interest in the App Store and Google Play. The proposed changes will be welcomed by the developers, who will be happy to have more control over the application update process.

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