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Apple, Google & Microsoft Collaborate for a “common vision” on extensions

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

05th Jun, 2021. 11:58 am
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Browser makers collaborated for a "common vision" on extensions

The foremost browser makers Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have joined hand “to establish a common browser extension platform” and also have a “common vision” on extensions.

According to the details, these tech giants “plan to specify, standardize or coordinate around extension signing or delivery,” while still making it easier for developers to write the tools with a “common core of functionality, APIs, and permissions.

While other major browsers use the Chromium engine, Safari, in particular, has attempted to expand its plug-in ecosystem after it had released new porting tools for developers at WWDC last year.

Now, it aims to work with the teams behind Chrome, Edge and Firefox on a spec that will ideally improve performance and keep spiteful extensions at bay.

However, the charter of the group is working on a first draft of the proposed specification before allowing others to join.

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