Bitcoin is better than gold, Steve Wozniak

Syed AhadWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2021. 12:27 am

Steve Wozniak, Apple‘s co-founder, was present at the Jalisco Talent Land Digital in 2021 on Thursday, July 8. The businessman conveyed his views on bitcoin and the blockchain in this context.

“It is something impressive that we even know who created bitcoin, it is unique and completely a mathematical formula, which is also immutable, so it is almost a miracle of technology,” he explained.

He said that bitcoin is “better than gold” because gold must be found and it is limited. Also stated that he does not have any crypto assets, he further stated that he would be investing in Bitcoin in the coming future.

Wozniak spoke about technology and advancements as well as diversity and equal pay during his participation in the innovation festival.

“We should all be treated the same, but we can’t achieve much just by wanting it,” he said.

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