Drama Review: Creators kill all suspense regarding Phaans with non-serious attitude

Shaikh Abdul RafayWeb Editor

27th Jul, 2021. 04:29 pm

We live in a society where justice is usually provided than prevailed, be it in real life or reel life. With Noor Muqaddam’s case making it to the headlines, the producers could have cashed in and ended Phaans in a huge way, yet they just left the drama in the middle as if it was something they wanted to get rid of.

First, they changed the drama’s timing from once on Saturdays to twice on weekdays, and then aired the mega episode on the third day of Eid ul Adha, when usually no one is watching TV. They neither promoted the last episode nor put it on YouTube for the international audience, ensuring that a drama that started on a high, ended at rock bottom.

Written by Samina Ijaz and directed by Ahmad Kamran, Phaans grabbed everyone’s attention due to the strong acting skills of Zara Noor Abbas, Sami Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Ali Tahir and Arjumand Rahim. The story follows the traumatic experience of sexual assault survivor Zeba (Zara Noor Abbas) who is raped by the son of her mother’s employer Sahil (Shahzad Sheikh), yet no one believes her because Sahil is not mentally stable. How she fights back with the help of his well-wishers is what makes this drama watchable, and amongst the best TV series aired this year.

Although the TV channel had touched the same subject in Udaari, Bandi and Inkaar, they didn’t do justice to Phaans. They could have saved the episode for a more reasonable time, linked it with the ongoing case of Noor Muqadam and even used their morning show to highlight the evil. Instead, they dragged the plot so much so that it impelled viewers to switch to other channels, revealed the obvious twist quite late and tried to get rid of the drama as if they realized that making it was a mistake.

On the whole, Phaans could have been a golden goose for the broadcaster, yet they chose to slaughter it on Eid ul Adha. It not only gave the required push to Zara Noor Abbas’ career after the debacle of Zebaish, but also brought back Shahzad Sheikh into the limelight due to his brilliant performance as Sahil. They were the saving grace of the drama, and had the TV channel not been hasty in their decision, it might have ended on a high!

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