Humayun Saeed gives us a sneak peek into the drama serial Sinf-e-Ahan

Maheen AzizWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2021. 04:37 pm


ISPR has geared up to present another inspirational drama Sinf-e-Ahan starring Sajal Aly, Syra Yousuf, Kubra Khan, Yumna Zaidi, and Ramsha Khan.

Written by Umera Ahmed, produced by ISPR in collaboration with Next Level Entertainment and Six Sigma Plus, the drama is directed by veteran director Nadeem Baig. As the name suggests Sinf e Ahan  (women of steel) is a story that revolves around five female characters, their struggle and their journey of becoming women of steel vanquishing their fears.

“The drama is super engaging. The script is written by an ace writer. It spins around females’ life and their journey of becoming Sinf e Ahan from Sinf e Nazuk. If we talk about the  budget, locations and cast so this is going to be the biggest drama that has ever been produced in Pakistan.” Humayun Saeed told BOL.

The female-centred dramas usually highlight and cover the depressive and repressive angle and depict females as the victims of society. However, Sinf e Ahan is a thought-provoking serial that will encourage women to overcome their fears and pursue their dreams.

“There might be sad moments in the drama as of course, it will be covering each cadet’s life so viewers will see a roller coaster of emotions. Having said that, this story is inspirational and I can assure you that once this drama will go on-air, girls will learn from it and the ones who are harbouring a wish to be an Army officer will gather the courage to go for it.”

In an answer to a question that why the story is not talked about with the journalists, Humayun said: “Any media person is strictly forbidden on the set as we do not want to leak any information or script of the drama. We are also not sharing any BTS pictures or any pertinent information which could spoil the excitement.  ”

“Even we are trying to keep the locations private. We are almost done with the Karachi spell and will now be shooting outside the city. Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun have worked day and night to make this serial a success.” He further added.

There cast, director and writer, give us many reasons to wait for this upcoming drama. Nadeem Baig has given us mega-hit serials that include Pyaray Afzal, Mere Pass Tum Ho, Dil Lagi, to name a few. Whereas Umera Ahmed is notorious for writing inspirational stories revolving around social issues. We have seen a number of her serials that spin around women’s empowerment and how they courageously overcome their weaknesses.

Sinf e Ahan is a result of months of research and hard work. It took Umera almost 8 to 10 months to write the script so she could cover all aspects of the story and bring in as much life as possible which could only be done after extensive research. It’s a unique story that talks about women’s strength and also shows their weaknesses which they gradually fight with.” Humayun explicated.

The first trailer of the drama is expected to run this year.

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