Groom Forcibly Shoves Ladoo Into Bride’s Mouth, People Say ‘This is Abuse’

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2021. 03:17 pm
Groom Forcibly Shoves Ladoo Into Bride's Mouth, People Say 'This is Abuse'

Wedding videos are popular on the internet these days because of its humorous and dramatic content, which amuses and entertains viewers. However, we came upon a shocking wedding video that appears to be extremely troublesome, to say the least.

The video depicts the couple on the wedding stage, when the bride serves the groom a mithai, most likely a ladoo.

It was now the groom’s turn to feed the bride. The groom grabbed the shy bride by the hair and roughly put the mithai into her mouth as she turned away her face. Surprisingly, no one seemed to blink.

An Instagram user, official niranjanm87, published the video on his account, along with some entertaining music, with the intention of making it amusing. However, it just isn’t the case.

The video has startled netizens, who are questioning the man’s harsh behavior toward his wife-to-be and labeling his actions as abusive.

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