Legion of fans flock to see the foul-mouthed parrot

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2021. 02:46 pm

After urging its owner to “f*** off” with a northern accent, a parrot has gained a cult following.

Scooby the African Grey parrot enjoys hurling foul-mouthed tirades at his owner Lorraine Gregory, complete with a Teesside twang.

Gregory, who works at Middlesbrough’s James Cook Hospital, has chosen to put Scooby’s antics to good use as the bird entertains NHS personnel throughout the pandemic.

According to Gregory, “He spends a lot of time with my mum because I work long hours. And now I come home to Scooby swearing and chatting away to her.”

“For some reason, he just knows how to respond to you. He’s obviously just picked it up.”

“He is foul-mouthed but he’s also really intelligent. He’s an amazing boy and we love him very much despite the fact he tells us to ‘f*** off’ so often.”

“He’s so rude to us but really we wouldn’t have him any other way,” Gregory added.



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