Russia reports highest number of new infections as Covid cases soar

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20th Oct, 2021. 08:56 pm

A patient is taken to a specialist hospital for Covid treatment in Moscow – Reuters

Moscow: It has been reported that the country is seeing a high number of coronavirus cases in the recent days. The country has seen a recent upsurge in the coronavirus infections, which is approximately more than 70% of the cases last month. 1,028 new deaths have been reported today, with total deaths around 226,353.

Russian government has been constantly urging its public to get vaccinated seeing the hike in the number of new infections every other day. Given the current pace of vaccinations, the cases are increasing more rapidly in comparison.

Last week around 29% of the population got vaccinated on government’s orders. A nationwide lockdown has been imposed in Russia, just like that of early pandemic days. Even though the economy is badly affected, the health of its people is the top priority at the moment, said Russian authorities.

All in all, the coronavirus taskforce has reported more than 8 million confirmed cases with Russia’s death toll as Europe’s highest. Russia has currently made it to the list of the countries with the most deaths including United States, India, Mexico and Brazil.