Signs prove existence of a new planet outside Milky Way is possible

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26th Oct, 2021. 08:58 pm

Left picture shows X-ray of the new planet, Right photo is illustration of how it could look like (Image: NASA/ Chandra X-ray)

NASA’s Chandra X-ray telescope has recently discovered signs of a new planet outside the Milky Way galaxy. The evidence of its existence was found in the Messier 51 galaxy that also happens to be 28 million light years from our home planet.

The Chandra X-ray telescope of NASA, detects X-ray emissions especially from warm regions, for instance the region near black hole, or where there are clusters of galaxies. The space apparatus recently, observed low brightness outside the Milky Way. Such things normally happen when a planet passes by a star and conceals its brightness. Numerous ‘exoplanets’ have been discovered this way before.

According to the recent observation, the newly discovered planet’s size seems like that of Saturn. Since, the transit’s duration was about 3 hours, the emission of X-ray dropped to zero; that is how the size of planets are determined, says study.

The current research on the candidate planet is being led by Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano, who belongs to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center. The astronomers using both, ground and space telescopes searched for “dips in optical light, electromagnetic radiation humans can see, enabling the discovery of thousands of planets,” according to a press release.

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