Fake Pir assaults 5-year old in Sargodha

Kashif SaeedWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2019. 06:40 pm
Fake Pir

A fake Pir in Sargodha has allegedly assaulted a 5 year old, who was taken to DHQ Hospital in a critical condition.

According to details, police raided the area and arrested the Pir.

Fake Pir brutally tortured the young boy after taking out the jinn, in Sargodha’s vicinity Chak 47 NB.

Whereas, according to the victim’s family, Ahil Raza was ill and was taken to the Pir Wasim Shah for spiritual treatment, who physically tortured him.

According to Ahil’s mother, Pir took 100 rupees from her and kept assaulting the boy with a stick.

Pir returned the money and handed over the boy to his mother, after the abuse.

Mother took the boy to DHQ hospital in a critical condition, according to Police.

Ahil is out of danger after timely treatment by the doctors. Whereas, father of the victim has given a written application of legal action.

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