Axios on HBO Edits, Censors PM’s remarks on sexual abuse, India’s Hindutva ideology

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

23rd Jun, 2021. 10:12 am
Axios on HBO PM Imran interview

Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently shared his views with an American TV channel HBO Axios which has caused a stir on the social media.

According to media reports, Pakistan has asked American TV channel HBO Axios to explain why it censored Prime Minister Imran Khan’s interview.

In the interview, the prime minister expressed his views on India’s Hindutva ideology. However, the comments were not aired.

Following the episode of censorship, the Government of Pakistan has sought an explanation from the American TV channel regarding the matter.

According to sources, HBO Axois’ decision to censor the premier’s comments qualify as restricted “freedom of expression”. The Information Ministry has been instructed to take up the matter with the American TV channel.

Moreover, HBO has also edited PM Imran’s interview – especially a part of his interview in which he voiced his thoughts on the rising sexual violence in the country.

Prime Minister Office (PMO) yesterday released its own footage of the premier’s full interview in which the prime minister gave a detailed account and solutions to tackle the growing sexual violence.

The interview was aired on Monday, June 21 at 3:00 am PST and was conducted by Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios.

During the interview, the premier said that we do not have discos or nightclubs in Pakistan, it is a completely different society, when you raise temptation within society, young people have nowhere to go.

On the question of whether the choice of women’s clothing is really the cause of sexual violence against them? The Prime Minister said that it depends on the society in which you live.

Talking about sexual violence against women, Imran Khan said that men are not robots, if a woman wears fewer clothes, it will have an impact on men.

Pakistan Will ‘Absolutely Not’ Allow Military Bases To the US

He had also shed light on the issue of giving Pakistani military bases to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and said that it will “absolutely not” allow this to happen.

“There’s no way we’re going to allow any bases or any sort of action from Pakistani territory into Afghanistan. Absolutely not,” the premier had said.

He said that Pakistan has suffered the most due to the war against terrorism.

“Over 70,000 Pakistanis embraced martyrdom due to US-Afghan war. We have given sacrifices more than anybody else in this war.” He noted that his country is currently hosting three million Afghan refugees.

PM Imran Khan said: “We only want peace and don’t want to be part of any confrontation.”

“Before leaving Afghanistan, the US must find a political solution.”

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