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Little boy crying
Watch: Little boy crying over protest against study

A video of a toddler throwing a fit while learning the Hindi alphabet went viral. The video has gotten over...

Lost AirPod
Uncle picks someone’s lost Airpod from the gutter and this happened
weird contest
Weird contest: People dress like sheep and make baa baa sounds
genius trick
Man uses genius trick to escape from cops during chase
Watch: Man shows the funny ways to exercise on gym machine
Viral: Monkey washes clothes like professional dhobi
vacuum cleaner
Watch: Sleeping dog barks at other dog after vacuum cleaner hits his tail
Viral Video: Bear sees itself in mirror makes netizens ROFl
new trend
Instagram’s new trend ‘Aaj Meri Behen Ka Birthday Hai’
baby goat
Watch: Goat and baby cry in unison goes viral
Hilarious Video: Desi Spider-Man dances to folk music 
Hawk steals man’s sandwich his sad face is hilarious
fashion shows
Netizens love Tiktoker’s Jalwa for imitating fashion shows
The camera saves man when a woman falls off scooter and blames him! 
The only camera that saves man when a woman falls off scooter and blames him! watch video