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Ice Cream Roll with Chai and Chocolate
Viral Video: Man makes Ice Cream Roll with Chai and Chocolate

The ice cream vendor in the popular culinary video made the ice cream roll. The ice cream was then prepared...

Komodo dragon
Deer attacked by Komodo dragon, and swallows it alive
Robots walk the ramp with models at Paris Fashion Week
A pet owner finds her missing cat after nine years goes viral
wedding dance
WATCH: Bride and groom surprise wedding dance left everyone in awe
Watch Video: A Cat tied to bench will blow your mind
Nagada Nagada
Asmita grooves to ‘Nagada Nagada’ lookalike a ‘Bebo 2.0’
cute puppy
Viral video: Man riding a train with cute puppy in his backpack 
173 dishes
Andhra family serves their son-in-law 173 dishes goes viral
Flying fish
Watch Video: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s THE FLYING FISH
Puppy Dribbles Ball
Adorable Puppy Dribbles Ball Like a Seasoned Basketball Pro
driving skills
Watch: Man’s driving skills its too good to be tried in real life
Calm Down
Viral Video: African kids dancing to the popular song Calm Down
Watch: Man paraglide with couch, TV and Lamp goes viral
Baseball player
Viral Video: Baseball player saved female reporter with fast reflex
Women dining with python
Netizens shocked: Women dining with python on table
sea waves
Huge ship is shaken violently by enormous sea waves like a toy
Woman working out in saree
Viral Video: Woman working out in saree goes viral
Humpback whale
Viral Video: Humpback whale jumps out of the water
rabbit and cat
Best friends rabbit and cat spread love on internet
Viral: Can you tell a snake from a banana at first glance?
dance performance
Men set the stage on fire with their performance on bride’s request
Amazing video of a dolphin leaping against rainbow 
Man hits woman
Man hits woman with helmet after she refuses to ride on his bike
Daddy Cool
Viral: Elderly man grooves to Boney M’s Daddy Cool at wedding
Toddler and cat
Toddler and his cat sibling hugging will melt your heart
Michael Jackson
Viral: Guy Performed Moonwalk Even Before Michael Jackson
Baby monkey
Baby monkey’s separation from human mom will make you cry
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