Huawei 5G equipment helps Soy farmers battled against crop diseases

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

04th Dec, 2020. 09:01 pm
Huawei 5G equipment helps Soy farmers battled against crop diseases

Goias, the Brazilian farm state, has rolled out its new pilot project earlier this week to increase the productivity of its yields.

According to the reports, this is being achieved through effective and quick actions against diseases, which is backed by 5G technology and equipment provided by Huawei.

The rollout for the new agricultural support system is first being tried by soy farmers in the region. Particularly, this arrives during the time when the Brazilian government is considering applying a prohibition on Huawei equipment from its 2021 5G occurrences spectrum auctions for telecom operators in the country.

On the other hand, the 5G technology being offered to producers will help improve crops through the collection of information through a system of sensors.

These sensors will be placed on the fields, on the harvesters, and even on drones, which will offer immediate and accurate meteorological and humidity data, as per Tiago Fontes, Huawei Brazil marketing director.

The combination of fast broadband communications with real time cloud data processing will offer farmers information within one hour that would have otherwise taken them at least three days to gather.

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