Swap your kids’ toys for free through this new app

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

20th Dec, 2020. 04:15 pm
kids toys app

kids toys app

Parents sometimes find it difficult to choose appropriate toys for their kids. However, they can now choose it through this amazing app. 

A couple has created an app that contains a vast variety of children’s toys and items for free.

Jason and Emma Ash are the parents of three kids. They were first inspired after one of their boys liked a fire truck toy at a yard sale in the US. The seller gave the truck for free, saying they were happy to see someone become so much happy for something that was previously not used.

The couple got the inspiration from the idea, they then decided to create an app YoungPlanet.

The app covers a plethora of high-quality children’s toys and products. Through the app, parents can also give their unused children’s things to others. 

In addition to this, the app works by offering a cashless forum based on a sharing economy model. From books to toys, from baby clothes to baby equipment, parents can give or pick any item. 

However, if more than one person wants the same item, the app uses a gamification system to prioritize those who need them most or have donated more items in the past – incentivizing a circular system of giving.

YoungPlanet has around 35,000 users across the UK. It was made active last year in London. 

Jason, 46, spoke about the app to an international news source, “We knew the app would be popular amongst those wanting to lead more sustainable lives, but we didn’t realize how strong the community would become.

“We’ve had a wealth of positive feedback from those who’ve used it and we’re glad to be making it easier for people to do something positive for the planet and their communities.”

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