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Here’s why Tesla is no longer using radar sensors in vehicles

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26th May, 2021. 12:52 pm
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Here's why Tesla is no longer using radar sensors in vehicles

Elon Musk’s Tesla has begun the process of removing radar sensors from its production cars.

According to the reports, the New Model 3 and Model Y vehicles designed for North America will no longer have radar onboard to allow driver assistance features including Autopilot and its “Full Self Driving” system.

Tesla was still concentrating on developing radar technology for Autopilot in 2016, but that was before reworking the team to concentrate on computer vision and deep learning.

However, the change is occurring so rapidly that customers can obtain vehicles with restrictions on the use of Autosteer, Smart Summon, and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. These features will be re-enabled through software updates “in the coming weeks.”

According to Tesla, “We believe that a vision-only system is ultimately all that is needed for full autonomy. Our AI-based software architecture has been increasingly reliant on cameras, to the point where radar is becoming unnecessary earlier than expected. As a result, our FSD team is fully focused on evolving to a vision-based autonomous system and we are nearly ready to switch the US market to Tesla Vision.”

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