SpaceX: Falcon Heavy launching clipper mission to Europa

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27th Jul, 2021. 03:49 pm

NASA has long had Jupiter’s moon Europa in its sights for scientific research. Researchers are attracted by its large deep ocean and the possibility of life. However, It was revealed over the weekend that SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy will be used to launch the Clipper spacecraft.

Europa is Jupiter’s fourth biggest moon. Moreover, it’s subsurface ocean is believed to be twice the size of all of Earth’s seas combined; making it one of the most likely places in the solar system for life to exist.

In 2019, NASA confirmed the Clipper mission to Europa and began developing and testing the spacecraft as well as the equipment it would carry.

Set to fly in 2024, the Clipper spacecraft will orbit Jupiter and then make the required maneuvers to fly around Europa 45 times over the course of three years to examine this possibility.

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