Indian doctor conned to buy Aladdin lamp for over INR 15m

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

31st Oct, 2020. 11:58 pm
Aladdin lamp

An Indian doctor in Uttar Pradesh has been conned by a man to purchase an Aladdin lamp. He was tricked that the lamp would make him rich and lucky.

According to the details, the doctor filed a criminal complaint after he was conned. The charlatans had asked him to pay more than 15,000,000 Indian rupees (about 33 million PKR) for the lamp but settled for a down payment of 310,000 rupees (about 666,000 PKR),

Indian police, however, had arrested two men so far, while a third suspect – a woman – is still at large.

The doctor claimed that at one point, “Aladdin” had visited him but later realized that it was one of the suspects who was dressed as the figure from the tale.

“Gradually they started telling me about a baba (godman) whom they claimed also visited their home. They started brainwashing me and asked me to meet this baba,” told the doctor.

He then did meet the baba “who seemed to perform such rituals”.

After a complaint was filed against the group, a new revelation was made that they had tricked many families in the same way.

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