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TikTok takes another life; man shot dead near Johar’s Continental Bakery

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st Nov, 2020. 12:01 am
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Man shot dead due to TikTok
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The craze of TikTok have till now affected lives of many people, even youngsters have also lost their lives accidentally while shooting thier videos.

Recently, a security-guard was shot dead while making a TikTok video near Johar’s Continental Bakery.

Further investigation on the incident is still underway.

Moreover, A man in Sialkot, knows as a TikTok star, has been arrested by police for impersonating as a beggar.

According to reports, the Tiktoker was begging in a neighbuorhood when the police got suspicious and arrested him.

After washing his face, the man’s face became visible revealing he wasn’t a beggar.

Police said that they recovered US dollars, UK pounds, and Saudi riyals from the masquerader.

The police have disclosed the person’s name as Yasir.

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