65-Year-Old Czech Woman Marries 23-Year-Old Pakistani Boy

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Jan, 2021. 08:39 pm
65-year-old czech woman

It seems like Pakistani men have spread their charm all across the world even online, as a 65-year-old Czech Republican woman fell in love with a 23-year-old Pakistani man, came to the country, and tied the knot. More surprisingly, they both met online.

According to the details, the Czech woman arrived in Gujranwala, after becoming friends with the 23-year-old lad Abdullah on social media. Both started to have feelings for each other and decided to get married ASAP!

The newly-wed couple gave an interview to a local channel, the groom, Abdullah revealed that he was head over heels when he got to know about his Czech lover’s celibacy.

The 23-year-old Abdullah is a house painter whereas, the 65-year-old foreigner is a teacher. However, after a car accident damaged her backbone, the woman had decided to quit her job.

The interviewer asked the Pakistani boy how he feels about marrying an older woman, to which he replied,

“There is nothing more divine than this. I was too a celibate and had never been married before. Now I expect to have a lot of children.”

The 65-year-old bride said,

“I love Pakistan but I would return to my own country, and will live there with my husband.”


The interviewer also asked the Czech woman how she feels about marrying a man younger than her, to which she shared that he, Abdullah, was too stubborn and he used his all soul to force me to get married to him.

The bride also said that her love for him could not let the age gap come between their love.

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